What are the tipping guidelines for a hotel evaluation?

Tipping staff members is a normal part of a hotel evaluation. However, you have to always remember that you are tipping with the client’s money, and clients carefully examine this expense.

Clients have established the following tipping guidelines. Tips that exceed the amounts listed below will not be reimbursed by the client.

Department Amount
Cabs/Drivers 15% rounded to the next dollar.
Cab fares between check-in and check-out are not reimbursable.
Valets $2 maximum for car retrieval or car-pickup.
Do not tip for in-and-out use during the stay.
Doorman (at the curb) $1 per bag, $3 maximum
Bellman (in the room) $2 per bag, $5 maximum
Room Service Staff Do not additionally tip room service servers with cash. It is always included in the bill.
Restaurant Servers 15% rounded to the next dollar.
Bartenders 15% rounded to the next dollar
Housekeeping $3 maximum for two night stay. Do not tip for one night stay.
Deliveries If engineering or housekeeping staff members make a delivery or repair in person, feel free to tip $3 maximum.
Pool Attendants $2 maximum per cabana/chair or towel delivery.
Restroom Attendants $1

It can be reasoned that evaluators that tip often and tip generously will receive better service, which is counter-productive to your purpose for being there. These are typical amounts, and you are trying to represent a typical guest.

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